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Smash Book or Hand-Made Journal?

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I have now used my pink Smash book as an art journal for so long that I can summarize my experiences of using it as an art journal. During the time I have used my book, I have noticed that other brands too have published similar kind of books with pre-decorated pages. I am certain that many are tempted to buy them but wonder if they really work as art journals.

Good Jumpstart

I started my “pretty art journal” about a year ago. I also have other art journals but I have noticed that I grab this one more than others. I think that one reason is that it offers easy jumpstarts for doodling and writing. Sometimes they can be annoying.  Like the page with a map background, seen above. I never liked that spread until a few days ago when I wanted to journal about the places that I want to visit. The background was perfect for the theme.

Art journal page, a detailArt journaling is very difficult to commercialize from start to finish. It’s creativity and self-expression that matter, not the products used. But there’s a great deal of talk about blank page syndrome and all the art journal guides list tips for how to get started. I think that Smash book like journals can offer the easy starting point for many. I am especially fond of the thing that I can start to decorate a page and leave it unfinished for a while. With decorated paper in the background, it looks fine. I often add one of two details here and there and then finish the pages later.

All in all, I think that Smash book can work as an art journal but I also think that if you really want the book to look more personal, use a blank book or make one yourself.

Hand-Made Journal

Hand-made journal

This one is my favorite art journal. A hand-made journal from start to finish. It’s my own guide for creative living. “Rules and regulations,” it says!

It documents my philosophy for creating and living. Could not use Smash book here!

I end this blog post with these noble statements, feel free to borrow any!

Hand-made journal, art journal page, rules and regulations

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