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Subconscious Art

Easter Flowers, a collage

I made this handdrawn collage yesterday when making background papers with my crafting friends. I started with black paper and added some gesso in the background for lighter areas.

I call it subconscious art when I sit with pens and paper and do not think too much of what I am doing. This time it was spring flowers, coming easter and celebrating the spring that has finally entered Finland.

TulipsI think I was already seeing these tulip sprouts blooming. We planted about 80 tulips in the autumn and I am so looking forward seeing them all in bloom!


2 thoughts on “Subconscious Art

  1. Love this! I’m going to give your technique a try. Never thought about starting with a dark paper. Can’t wait to see pictures of your tulips in bloom.

    1. Thanks, Renee! You can also decorate the background and then use gesso to create spots of new layers.

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