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Sunflowers – Tell Me How to Improve

Watercolor sunflowers by Peony and Parakeet

Sunflowers bring light to darkness and look very powerful. Perhaps that’s why they symbolize a life change for me. This fall they are more relevant than ever. I resigned from my day job just few days ago and started as a full-time creative entrepreneur!

In the past, I have always admired the people who make changes in their lives. But I never thought I could do that myself. It seemed to require exceptional courage and ability to take risks. Seven years ago I experienced a small change when I decided to change my professional identity from computer engineer to designer. I went to study industrial design.

Paivi from Peony and Parakeet

Little did I know back then that it was the seed for the big change that I am experiencing now. I thought I would be perfectly happy developing new products focusing on user experience more than their technical qualities. But with designer studies something reappeared to my controlled life that had been hiding for a long time: the compelling need to create art.

Watercolor sunflowers in various color schemes. By Peony and Parakeet.

The assignments connected to my studies gave some basic skills but I missed more – self expression! That goal in mind I spent years practicing most of the evenings, analyzing what went wrong and where to improve. At some point I realized that I do not want to be the greatest artist on earth. I do not want my blog to be the showcase of my artwork only. I want to share what I have learned and also what I am currently learning while struggling. I want to teach art.

Sunflower ornament by Peony and Parakeet

It took years to dream and nine months to plan the big leap. I have gone through the fears of being lonely, poor, inadequate and uninteresting.

Now, in this special phase of my life, I ask you: help me improve and develop new products and services!

Answer the reader survey of this blog!

While answering, think where you want art to take you!

Start Blog Reader Survey by Peony and Parakeet

36 thoughts on “Sunflowers – Tell Me How to Improve

  1. Congratulations! You are setting off on an exciting journey! In 1996 I quit a very good job to “become an artist”. People thought I was crazy, but as a career counselor, I had always encouraged people to “do what you love and the money will follow”. I went on to exhibiting and selling in galleries and following my dreams.

  2. Congratulations on making your dreams a reality! The gamut of emotions is to be expected in the beginning, but we’re behind you all the way! Sending you patience, strength, and creative vibes! 🙂

  3. congratulations! You show a lot of courage by doing what many are dreaming about! I hope everything will work out for you!

  4. Hi Paivi, thanks for inspiring me and I think that if our intentions are 100% the success will be too! Now I have to change my insight into action LOL…..I am afraid……..The same as you I want to share my talents to make the world a better place and I am very hard thinking of how to put my talents there in a way I will cross the needs of others!
    Much joy on this journey, Miranda

  5. Felicitaciones por todo lo que haces y compartes eso demuestra tu generosidad , la gente como vos siempre tiene exito porque el sol se expande como los girasoles

  6. Good for you for following your dream! You are doing exactly what you should be doing, don’t doubt that. Your writing proves how thoughtful and self analyzing you are, how well you know yourself, and how unafraid you are to explore more of yourself. For this, sweet Paivi, do not doubt that you have made the right choice.

    I wish you all the best and I am eager to hear more about your life’s journey!

  7. Congratulations, Päivi! This sounds great and I wish you all the best, success and lots of inspiration!

  8. Paivi, Congratulations on starting your next adventure! Life is so full of endless possibilities yet we sometimes can stand frozen with fear and obligations. Your courage in taking action is inspiring. I look forward to your future postings/articles as a full-time creative entrepreneur.

    1. Thank you, Evie! I have begun to think that life is not only about being successful or not. I think it is as much about experiencing new things and finding people who think the same way!

  9. Love this site and all your art and how to’s. Congratulations on your brave move. Much luck and I know you will be successful.

  10. I think you are such a talented and inspirational artist. What a courageous step you are taking. You have the support of your many followers who know that you have what it takes to be successful and in following your artistic passion where it may lead you!

  11. So happy for you Paivi! So many have said it better than I can, but I wish you the best in your new venture. You are a wonderfully gifted person and I’m so glad I found your site!! Thank you.

  12. You are wonderfully gifted and an inspiration. May your wildest dreams come true. We are here cheering you on. Love your blog, and I’m looking forward to the new things you will share with us.

  13. I am very excited for you and all that lies ahead. I retired from elementary teaching four years ago; it was rather spontaneous but the timing was perfect and the results liberating. Initially, I focused on gardening and achieved my immediate goal of having my gardens included on two different garden tours. Now that California is faced with serious, devastating drought and water is precious, I’m focusing on creating inside. I’m obsessed with altering books and creating art journals, initially showcasing my ephemera collection, but now branching out, trying to use new color combinations and experimenting with paint and printing. Youtube videos and blogs have been invaluable. I
    I applaud your courage and I look forward to watching your journey. Kudos!

    1. Majella, thanks! Love your story about your garden! I love gardening too but I am nowhere close to showing mine to public. Have wonderful time in creating art and transfering your aesthetics from outdoors to paper!

  14. Congratulations!! Teaching art is definitely your thing, you do it so well through your blogposts!! I send your way plenty good thoughts and encouragements!!

  15. Congrats on making such a brave move. You’re doing something that we all wish we could! I’m really enjoying all of your blogs and have bookmarked most of them to have a go at… When I find the time :-). For the time being, I shall live vicariously through you!

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