Color the Emotion

Pick a few colors and create without stiffness.

Mixed Media Pie Party

Mixed Media pies, Karelian pies by Peony and Parakeet

Karelian pies – tears come to my eyes when I remember a childhood memory of my past mother making them. And her story of my grandmother who made a pile of those for her six daughters every Saturday. Just some water, flour, rice and butter was needed. Or well, that’s what I thought before I made some by myself after moving away from home. Patience too, I recognized!

Mixed Media pies. Karelian Pies by Peony and Parakeet

I wanted to experiment with creating something not so serious. So I recreated Karelian pies. These mixed media pies are made of fabric, wool, lace, beads, buttons etc. And they look like baked after I added some fabric dye in the edges.

Mixed Media pie. Karelian Pies by Peony and Parakeet

When making these I remembered the emotional connection I have for the Karelian pies. They represent caring and love for me. In the area where I grew there where no celebration nor funeral where Karelian pies would not be served. The finer the occasion, the smaller the pies – and there were a hundred of them!

Mixed Media Karelian Pies by Peony and Parakeet

I thought I would create a fantasy world with my pies, linens and fancy tea but my thoughts became more real than I had ever suspected. I became to think how important people from the past quietly fade away when the time goes by. And how we can bring them back to our minds. Like inviting them for a cup of tea, even only in our thoughts.

Mixed Media Karelian Pies by Peony and Parakeet

While taking the photos I remembered a small table linen that I had embroidered as a teenager. Back then I dreamt about the future and wanted to make something very traditional Karelian for myself to treasure. I was inspired by the stories of how young women made their linen before they stepped into the marriage. That embroidered piece combined with the Karelian pies really speaks to me.

Art is freedom. Give yourself the freedom to create! You will get something precious in return.

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The Second Quilt for Stella

In the post from May I wrote about modern quilting and showed a quilt that I had made for my new puppy Stella. Even if I have not written a lot about quilting, I have spent quite a lot of time browsing modern quilt blogs and even sewing a little. Now I have finally something to show, it’s a new quilt for Stella, a modern quilt that also has some ribbons and lace.

I am so pleased with this. First, I love the colors. Second, it was a good choice to use double wadding to make the quilting more visible. Third, I think I was able to incorporate laces and ribbons in a creative way. Fourth, I so enjoyed the process of making this! I did not use a lot of time for planning. I had a vision of expressing vintage childhood and vintage linens and it lead the way.

This is a little detail that I love the most: I hand embroidered Stella’s name to a small antique lace square!

And she loves the quilt, of course!

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