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Tribute to the Old Watercolor Set

Tribute to the old watercolor set, conceptual art by Peony and Parakeet

I loved my old watercolor set. I bought it at the time I thought I should learn how to use watercolors. I also bought a book about watercolor painting. It would explain to me how to do it in correct way. That meant: merrily paint those landscapes and still lives in a row like all watercolor artists seemed to do. Soon I realized that even if I admire all those great artists I got nothing out of painting like that myself. Partly blaming my watercolors for it I put them away.

They must have been sad. All those beautiful things that they held inside was in the dark for years. How happy and thirsty they must have been when they were finally able to see the light again. They persuaded me to give them another try. They promised to be ready what ever I would assign them to. “Come on, stroke us with those soft brushes you have”, they pleaded.

Tribute to the old watercolor set by Peony and Parakeet

I gave them a stroke, and another… After many long and hard discussions I realized that all I had to do is to let go. Not only put away my assumptions about their purpose but also their nature. These were social guys. Ready to talk not only with me but also with my color pencils, acrylics, inks, markers, you name it.

Tribute to the old watercolor set by Peony and Parakeet

Now the pads are all gone. But even if the tray is empty, the beloved colors can be found in my art journals and display books. I kind of think that I have set them free. To celebrate their freedom and the happy moments spent with them I made a tribute for them. I even dressed their favorite brush and their water cup.

Tribute to the old watercolor set by Peony and Parakeet

With this tribute I let my watercolors speak to you: use your art supplies and let them show you where art can take you. Art is not a competition, neither any other predefined experience. Art is not too noble or too serious. You have the privilege to fly to the world of imagination and your art supplies crave to help you with that!

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11 thoughts on “Tribute to the Old Watercolor Set

    1. Thank you, Lisa! As you know English is not my first language. I love writing but it is sometimes a bit of a challenge for me. I trust the readers of my blog to be understanding when I make mistakes.

  1. I love how you transformed your beloved watercolour set:) A beautiful tribute to an old friend. We all need to let go but it is one of the hardest lessons.

  2. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! I will be getting back out and “PLAYING” with them!

  3. I just found you after two hours on Pintrest. I found myself getting very emotional, close to tears. What you said about letting to and letting your treasured art materials talk to you. I have longed to do water colors, but with everyone’s comments about the difficulty of the medium and how you really have to know what you’re doing,to use them, I have denied myself the pleasure of playing. I WILL BE PLAYING NOW thanks to your wonderful site.

    1. Judy, thanks for the great comment! There are so many things in life where we cannot be free. But in art and creativity you’ll fly higher if you set yourself free. Welcome to subscribe my newsletter!

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