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Video: Abstract Painting

Wheel Mechanics, a mixed media painting by Peony and Parakeet
I made this abstract mixed media painting last fall and it has been waiting in the queue ever since as I also recorded a video of the process and had no time editing it.

The painting is called “Wheel Mechanics”. It expresses my thoughts about how good engineering, design and art are connected together but maybe you see something else? With abstract art, it’s good to present a basic idea (in this case: “merging”) in such a general level that it leaves room for interpretations. That’s one of the main difficulties in creating abstract art, I think.

I was about to make a video introducing my online classes so I combined the two together. You can watch me painting + get info about the classes.

Inspirational Drawing is the next class!

Inspirational Drawing, an art class for those who want to draw without boundaries

It’s my “the drawing class” and especially good for you who wants to enjoy drawing without boundaries. See these blog posts for fabulous drawings created by the students of this class: Explore by Drawing!, Do You Have a Talent for Creating Art? and sign up now!

12 thoughts on “Video: Abstract Painting

  1. Another great video – I so love watching your process. Until recently I kind of ignored abstract art but now I’m beginning to really love it….will give your process a try. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I just love watching you make your paintings. After looking at the result I found that I was seeing a neighborhood. Lots of homes and all different sizes and shapes and colors. A neighborhood that lived in harmony and excitement due to all the differences. I see so many tiny houses. The basis of “merging” is clear and each viewer will bring their own history with them while viewing. My favorite part of your paintings is their ability to relate to me personally due to your details left somewhat open.

  3. Wonderful video and your abstract piece is so creative and colourful. I work mainly with fibre and would one day like to try my hand at abstract art.

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