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Pick a few colors and create without stiffness.

Why Sign Up for One More Art Class?

Short answer: Because of the enjoyment of drawing from inspiration and imagination!
Longer answer: 

In-Depth Introduction to Inspirational Drawing 2.0

I am extremely excited about my upcoming drawing class Inspirational Drawing 2.0! I want to share my excitement with you by talking about:

  • loosening up by drawing
  • expressing inspiration
  • freehand perspective drawing
  • creating liberated portraits
  • building dynamic compositions.

Whether you sign up or not, you might still want to watch this video! (Sign up here!)

4 thoughts on “Why Sign Up for One More Art Class?

  1. Oh Paivi, when you get excited and your eyes are smiling and twinkling, it makes me so excited, also. You have a gift in your descriptions that really speaks to me. I LOVE that you said in the May class we would be learning about how to tell our story and let others find their story in our work. I think that is the key to great art. A complete sharing experience. Surely I will be better able to take “me-time” by January. I know I’m missing so much and feel empty without that creative outlet.

  2. Hi Paivi, many of your words in this video seem to come from the bottom of my hart: liberating the lines, making feelings visible in my art and so on. Thank you for that. I’m so anxious and I’m looking forward to start with your class in January!

  3. Hello Paivi,
    Thanks a lot for this fantastic explanation. Your enthousiasm is so inspiring.
    I look forward to the lessons.
    Have a great and blessed Christmas with your husband and the dogs.

    Greetings from Nel.

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