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5 Reasons Why I Love Colored Pencils

This week’s post is an affectionate thank you to my colored pencils.

Illuminated Heart, colored pencil art by Paivi Eerola of Peony and Parakeet.

Here’s why I love them so much!

#1 Colored Pencils Add Magic to Everyday Moments

Colored pencils are quick and easy for everyday use. Whenever I write, I can quickly pick a few pencils and color a part of the text or make a small illustration.

Coloring and drawing on planner pages.

Planners, shopping lists, and any notes become more cheerful when I add some colored pencils to them.

#2 Colored Pencils Change a Journal to a Treasure

Colored pencils are perfect for small journals. When I started my colored pencil diary last year, I wasn’t sure how long the inspiration would last. But the small size felt so easy that the pages kept coming, and I love to browse the journal often. It’s my inspiration book and one way I do “research” – search for ideas that reappear more freely in my paintings.

Pink flowers in an art journal. By paivi Eerola of Peony and Parakeet.

This spread is a part of a new class, Fun Botanicum, where we make a set of plant-inspired pages. The idea of making chapters and different types of pages in a journal is so inspiring. One small journal can be like a library that has many collections!

#3 It’s Enjoyable to Paint with Colored Pencils

After painting a series of oil paintings, I am usually exhausted. Then my pencils feel a refreshing approach to painting. When I “paint” with colored pencils, I press only lightly like holding a brush, make soft and blurry shapes, and create color mixes by layering. This way, I fly to my imagination without making a mess or worrying over things like drying time or fluency.

Coloring softly with colored pencils.

I feel a similar softness to using a brush when smooth hot press watercolor paper meets a wax-based pencil. Gentle strokes don’t hurt but nurture the hand, and the overall experience speaks self-love: “Be gentle, focus on the good in the world.”

#4 Colored Pencils Love Lines

I love drawing lines, and fortunately, my colored pencils love them too. I can draw straight lines, curves, continuous mesh, outline – all my pencils require is sharpening now and then!

Coloring flowers.

I love the willingness of my pencils to work until they are too short for the extender. I try to treat them as well as I can, no matter how short they are and what brand they represent. Old pencils can do lines too!

#5 Colored Pencils Can Take a Break

My oil paints are like afghan hounds. They require a lot of care and attention, and they always look appalled if I stop too soon. But colored pencils are like little parakeets. They sing when I am with them but are happy to fall asleep when nothing is happening. So I can color just a bit and then leave the project to wait for the next free moment. My pencils are ok with that – Every Single Time!

Colored pencil art in progress. Read more about how to love colored pencils.

For example, this week’s work was made in several sessions. Watched the news and colored some. Listened to an audiobook, and colored some. Walked by and decided to color some. Unlike my oil paints, colored pencils never complain about what I listen, and they don’t get jealous if I watch tv at the same time.

Coloring a frame.

First, I didn’t intend to color the border, but then I couldn’t help myself to spend a little more time with the pencils.

Illuminated Heart, colored pencil art by Paivi Eerola of Peony and Parakeet.

Hearts make this piece a bit cutesy, but colored pencils always make me more playful than paints.

I love this system of color-coordinated boxes!

Having Good Time with Fun Botanicum

Let’s gather colored pencils and get inspired by plants, crazy lines, delicious colors, and the freedom of imagination.

Fun Botanicum - online class for us who love plants and colored pencils

Fun Botanicum begins on March 15. Sign up now!

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  1. I like the color coordinated boxes. Can’t wait for the class to begin. I’ve been “mentally off” the past few weeks however being a part of one of your classes enlivens me.

  2. I am looking forward to begin the class. I have some questions that I will leave to the class. Soon I hope to get happy colour pencils, too.

  3. A playfully written prelude to whet the appetite for the FUN class that’s on its way! This makes it doubly hard to wait, Päivi!

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