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Your Art and Loosening Up

This week, I talk about being unique and loosening up in a video. You also get to see me working with a new oil painting.

Your Art and Loosening Up – From a Former Engineer

With the video below, I want to get you to think about how much you do layering. But this time, I don’t talk about the actual layers of the painting, but the layers of you and your life – the more abstract stuff. Namely, we often lead our artistic direction too literally and don’t allow contradictory or silly ideas. I hope you enjoy this video!

This is a little different than many of my videos. I would be interested to hear how you like it! Do leave a comment!

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8 thoughts on “Your Art and Loosening Up

  1. Thank you! I admire your work and your lessons are so unique among others. Thank you for your generosity. You have helped me so much.

  2. Great video! I love watching how you paint and I learn so much from listening to what you’re saying. Thank you Paivi.

  3. Paivi,
    Thank you for your heartfelt words…
    We often reach turning points in our growth as artists and your words were just what I needed to hear…and when I needed to hear them.

    I loved this format and hope you consider doing more.
    Sincerely, Jada Kay-nine

  4. I have to agree with the previous comments–watching you change the painting by adding shadows makes so much sense when watching you do it—I would have tried putting the shadows in at the same time as the highlights.
    thank you, once again, for your generous spirit

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