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Paint Gentleness – Watch the video!

Gentle Flower, acrylic painting by Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet. Watch the video of how she made this!

It’s the time for a video blog post! This week, I talk about gentleness and how you can experience that through a painting technique. I show some basic elements from the old masters painting techniques. In the past, artists painted with oil paints. For acrylic paints, the secret is to use glazing medium for thinning the paint. Have fun!

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26 thoughts on “Paint Gentleness – Watch the video!

  1. Thank you for the peaceful tutorial……we need more of that here in the U.S. Did you let the paint dry between the yellow and red and red to blu?

    1. Thanks, Mary! Yes, I let the paint dry. The colors don’t get mixed on a palette or on a canvas but through translucent layers.

  2. absolutely beautiful — thalnks so much for sharing another valuable inspirational video paivi

  3. Oh, what a wonder you are! I so enjoy seeing you create. I have been trying to learn to let go and just paint, but for me it seems to be so hard. I can copy well, but to do something on my own I find very difficult. Your videos help to keep me trying. Thank you so much!

    1. Cindy, I would recommend Inspirational Drawing 2.0 – it’s all about drawing from imagination. It will be available as a self-study soon!

  4. Such a beautiful way to paint. Softly instead of slamming the paint on with a beat up brush. Beautiful video. Thank you

  5. Visual gentleness – what a cool concept and really beautiful painting that breathes life into the words. Got me thinking what other emotions could look like – anger, loss, happy, etc. Now that would be a wonderful journal to keep. You are always an inspiration to me.

  6. Wish we lived closer! Love all the work you do and the approaches you take in your work. The loveliness of both the flower and Gypsy Girl with Ermine will stay with me!

  7. I greatly enjoy learning from you as you share not only techniques but also the thought and emotion that goes into painting. This is a beautiful and helpful video. Thank you very much!

  8. I love this reminder that the painting process is about the energy we hold whilst painting and not about the final product. Thank you Paivi. I really enjoy all your videos and blogs even though I don’t always leave a comment.

  9. Love, love, love watching your videos…it is always very informative and interesting to see you work. Very inspiring and thoughtful presentations as well. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into your work!

  10. Really enjoyed this video and the process of combining glazing medium with paint to achieve the softness and layers. So beautiful to watch as you layered colors and yet allow the last layer to appear through. Thank you for sharing this video.

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