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Peony and Parakeet


Hi, I am Paivi Eerola, an artist from Finland.

I teach inspirational online art classes, make custom illustrations, and create fantastic paintings.

Here’s my story, maybe you are on a similar journey.

You can call me a late bloomer in art.

Even if I have painted and drawn most of my life, there have been periods when my creative fire has almost extinguished. But when I got older, it felt like my life would get wasted without art.

For a long time, I had a goal of making one painting that would be my footprint in the universe.

I wanted to be seen as a professional by the professionals, so I went to study design to become one. After graduating, I knew more about how to, but not so much about what to create. How should my painting look? What kind of image could be my legacy to the world?

Designer studies taught me to focus on the process as much as on the result. So I started drawing whatever came to my mind and made that a regular practice. I was working as a service designer by day but was a doodler by night.

I drew all kinds of scribbles, and playing with pens and paints brought me to the porch of creative freedom.

Artist Paivi Eerola holding one of her art journals.

I started teaching this freedom to others and took the leap to become a full-time artist and online art instructor. When working on the classes, I was reminded that there were artists who had achieved my goal. Sadly, most of them, like Botticelli or Rubens, were not alive anymore, but it was possible to learn their techniques.

I changed freedom to a discipline that would lead me to a masterpiece.

After working with oils, underpaintings, and references, I had more “how-to”, but still not “what-to.” You see, my background is in engineering, and we engineers like to solve problems with tools and techniques. Maybe you, too, have come to this site to find a technique that would take you closer to your goal.

Artist Paivi Eerola and her painting Living Treasure.

While there’s nothing wrong with the techniques, they can never produce the fullest satisfaction that art can give. The same is with getting wild and not caring about the skills. It’s all good for a while until the search begins again.

I had been thinking day and night how to paint one painting. What to include, and what to exclude, how the process would go, and how to recognize the right direction. But then, instead of narrowing what comes on the paper, I did something else.

I imagined a place that I could expand.

First, it was a small corner, then a house, an estate, and slowly, a small world that currently fills my mind and feeds my brush.

Paivi Eerola holding her painting Arotuuli / Steppe Wind.

Now I have produced many paintings that fill my goal, and my new goal is to express things, spirits, and spaces that exist in my world. It feels good to create art that doesn’t make a total sense for the left brain, but that feels so right or the right brain.

Shyeling, a watercolor painting by Paivi Eerola of Peony and Parakeet.

These imaginary worlds of ours can expand as long as we live. They are not separate, but feed each other and bring happiness not only to us but to other people as well. Expressing them is our artistic legacy to the world.

This Too Shall Pass, and oil painting by Paivi Eerola of Peony and Parakeet.

Let me help you to explore your world of imagination.

Creatives: Follow the weekly blog, take classes, and join Bloom and Fly artist community.
Collectors: Looking for a piece to your collection? Welcome to my online art store!
Galleries: Browse my abstracts and contact me.
Authors and publishers: Browse my florals and fairytales and contact me with your illustration or surface design needs.

Paivi’s Customers Say

I have a better understanding of how to practice combining my intuitive creativity with the actual making of art. I have been able to relax more and just let feelings flow into the colors and shapes. I feel I have changed by becoming more focused, by discovering that I do not have to give in to the fear of failure and that no matter my skill level, this community is welcoming, mentoring, and loving. You, Paivi, lead us gently and with such kindness, and I am so grateful to have found this artful, magical place you have created.

Catherine Cale, USA

Paivi understood and appreciated my project, and her enthusiasm has kept me motivated to keep working on it. The images are very well suited to my book, and their style is exactly what I was looking for. Paivi kept to her schedule, communicated well when I had questions, and I was really happy creating a shared vision with Paivi. I recommend her warmly.

C.L. Hunt, USA


1969 Born in Outokumpu, Finland, near the Russian border, painted icons as a child.
1998 Matriculation Examination, moved to Helsinki area to increase the number of women in technology.
1996 Master of Science in Software Engineering, Helsinki University of Technology.
1995-2007 Taught IT professionals and developed e-services.
2009 Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.
2009-2014 Service Designer. Developed services and improved user experience.
2014 Full-time artist and illustrator. Online art classes at Peony and Parakeet.

Member of The Finnish Watercolour Society and Vantaa’s Art Association.
>> Paivi’s Artist Statement


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Fairy Experiments: Activities for Thinkers ‘n’ Tinkerers by C.L. Hunt, 2020
A World of Artist Journal Pages by Dawn Sokol, 2015

Questions? Inquiries?


P.S. Yes, I do have a collection of peonies and four little parakeets!

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