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Flower Time – Watercolor Video

This week, I have a treat for you – a free video about painting flowers. In the video, I claim:

“When you create art, sometimes it’s adventurous “bird time,”
and sometimes driven by the need for beauty and comfort, so “flower time.”

Janonsa sammuttaneet, watercolor painting by Paivi Eerola, Finland. Watch her video Flower Time to see more of this!
Janonsa sammuttaneet, watercolor, 29.7 x 42 cm

I believe that we are not only inhabited by an inner bird but also by inner flowers. At the adventure, the flowers are only seen as passive decorations. But when you get friends with the flowers, you notice that they are active characters who like to get together. The inner bird is a hermit adventurer, but flowers tell the common story. This togetherness is also what we need as humans.

“Janonsa sammuttaneet” could be translated to “those who have quenched their thirst.” In this painting, I thought about wallpaper and how its flowers jump from the wall to quench their thirst.

Flower Time – Watch the Video!

Everytime I see a bird flying across a landscape, I feel the need to paint something big, dramatic, and immersive. Art invites us to fly high and see far – to live the adventurous life of a brave bird. Imagination is our inner bird that wants to experience new things and move forward … Watch the video!

More instructions for flowers in watercolor: Buy my newest course Freely Grown!

Flower Portraits

I used to think of flower paintings as still lifes, but now I look at them as portraits. The delicacy of flowers makes my inner bird rest and roots me in a comforting life. From the inner bird’s point of view, there are always new sceneries to travel, and the world is never enough. But from the flowers’ point of view, it’s always good to look close to one’s heart and express that we are enough.

Valosta voimaantuneet, watercolor painting by Paivi Eerola. Watercolor flower art.
Valosta voimaantuneet, watercolor, 29.7 x 42 cm

“Valosta voimaantuneet” is Finnish and means “Empowered by Light.”

Think about birds and flowers as symbols for two kinds of art – the other is adventurous and escape-seeking, and the other is easier to digest and connection-seeking.

What do you think of this? Do you have more “bird time” or “flower time?” Leave a comment!

2 thoughts on “Flower Time – Watercolor Video

  1. lovely post and video.
    your recent pieces are beautiful and whimsical, such a joy to see.
    I also think of painting flowers as painting their portraits. Such lovely little beings that grace our world.
    I think I am a mix of bird and flower.

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