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Pick a few colors and create without stiffness.

Are You an Inspiration Seeker, Imitator, Mess Maker or Minimalist?

During the past years I have had the priviledge to get to know many beginning and more seasoned artists. Every person is unique, but there are also common nominators. Based on my experience of teaching art and being artist myself,  I created this presentation about four common problems and four common profiles.

When watching the presentation, you might have noticed that I let my minimalist part create it!

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Paivi from Peony and Parakeet

My Journey as an Artist

This week I also have a longer video for you. Connie Solera from Dirty Footprints Studio interviewed me on live video! You will get to know few life changing events that gave direction to my art and hear a great discussion between Connie and me about the process of creating art. Watch the interview!

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17 thoughts on “Are You an Inspiration Seeker, Imitator, Mess Maker or Minimalist?

  1. You are going to make artists of us all! Ok, I see myself in all four categories but can relate most to the think later, do now, mess maker. I get an idea from something but put my own spin on it and once I go, I can’t even remember the original – to much fun playing! So I think I could grow further by using all the suggestions you have given and can’t wait for the class! I think I understood it – for instance, making a stamp print then creating more on the print as if I was cutting the stamp myself. The print gets me started or helps to decorate what I come up with after beginning. You always have a way of putting things that gets me thinking and stretching! Thanks

    1. Mary, thanks! I honestly think that each one following my blog is an artist and willing to constantly develop as these are the themes I always write and talk about. It will be great to meet you at the class!

      1. I finally finished the recording of your conversation for 21 Secrets and was thrilled – you turned on a light for me when you described beginning work on an idea by studying the parts that inspire me THEN let my own creativity take it from there to decide what to do. That makes so much sense to me since that is how I like to work but never put much thought into it. I like to be alone, no people to interfere with what I’m thinking and after awhile, the idea takes shape and I can put it to a project. You were so excited and happy while discussing your ideas and have a very contagious, inspiring personality. I’m so happy to have listened and CAN NOY wait for your class to begin. You feed my need to ask “why” before I can fully understand anything. Never realized “why” that happened to me but instead of disliking that part, I’ll try to honor it as part of who I am and maybe it will begin to help me instead of me hindering it. Thank you so much!!!

        1. Mary, great to hear that you enjoyed the interview. I cannot wait to talk more about creating art and also, going more deep in the practical level as short blog posts and videos are not the same than longer class (even if I try to put a lot of thought in them too).

  2. Good Morning, Paivi
    I just watched your interview with Connie on 21 Secrets…it was so wonderful. I’m so happy I had already signed up for your Inspirational Drawing class….I have all the supplies and I’m ready to go. I’m going to warm up by following your instructions in 21 Secrets and learn to slow down and do the detail work. I’m a great admirer of your work…nothing else like it out there. I’m so looking forward to June 1st. Until then, have an enjoyable May… 🙂 Hugs, Sue

    1. Sue, thank you! It will be great to meet you at the class and thank you for your kind words. We will put your supplies in use once June begins! I watched the interview and laughed out loud as I looked really enthusiastic when I talked about art – as enthusiastic as I actually am! I never get tired of creating and it is so great to hear that there will be others too!

  3. Great short clip of types of painters. I have seen each of these types of painters. It is good to think about this. I know paint not only in watercolor but also oils and acrylic as well as mixed media and mono printing. I have been teaching watercolor for the past three years and see great success from my students. I am planning on writing a book about some of my techniques as will as writing a Light Opera with music and scenes similar to a cross between Circus Ole and Monty Python.

  4. This is an excellent video allowing each of us to determine where we fit and where we cross and meld styles. Thank you for sharing this as well as the portion of 21 Secrets. I am working on something inspired by that wonderful presentation of yours.

  5. thanks so much for the great info paivi I absolutely loved your interview with connie and loved the workshop as well

  6. Paivi, I watched the 21 Secrets Videos sequentially at the beginning , even though YOU were the reason I signed up. So when you were next in order , it was like Christmas! I just resonate so with your style and approach. Then I watched your 21 Secrets interview and your video above and it all clicked! We are kindred spirits in many ways – especially joining left brain and right brain! You are such a dear! Love you and your generosity in sharing. I am knee-deep in 21 Secrets, but will still be signing up for this course!

    1. Gina, thanks so much! I am so glad to hear that you are excited by joining the left and right brain when creating art! There’s still time before June, so don’t worry! It will be great to meet you at Inspirational Drawing!

  7. Hi Paivi! I think I’m still very much in the ‘Inspiration seeker’ phase of my artistic development, with a bit of experimenting thrown in! Thanks for sharing a great presentation. As always, I feel very privileged to receive this great insight into your approach. The 21 Secrets interview was fantastic! Your genuine and honest nature comes through so clearly.
    I would so like to take your drawing course, but my husband tells me that we might not be at home during that month, so I will not have internet access. Perhaps you will repeat it again later, or make it purchasable on CD?…..please, please 🙂

    1. Rosemary, thank you, I am glad you enjoyed both the presentation and the interview. About the rerun or CD of the course: I have not planned the fall yet, but I will take your request into account!

  8. Kiitos Päivi tästä. Itse jäin miettimään, että taidan löytää itsestäni ja tavastani tehdä näitä kaikkia 🙂 Ehkä olen enemmän Messmaker, mutta myös kaikkia muita. Minimalist vähiten. Mielenkiintoinen asia Kiitos sen avvaamisesta.

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