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Summer Break in July!

Dearest Gentle Reader,
this is my summer letter to you.

Summer Break - illustration by Paivi Eerola

Last weekend, I finished watching the new season of the Bridgerton drama and then went to look at my little meadow in the back garden.

My husband sowed the seeds this spring and watered them regularly. And now, the meadow is a delightful little spot, a blooming salad as some laughingly call the flower beds that are mixed and wild-looking.

A tiny meadow in the garden

While I have watched women dance and the meadow grow, I have realized that I need a summer break from blogging. I want to use that time to sow some creative ideas and nurture them well. It will produce flowers for you later this year, I promise.

So, this blog is on a break for July, but to make it up to you,
all classes are 15% OFF for the whole month. 

Let’s keep creating!

2 thoughts on “Summer Break in July!

  1. Yes! You should take some time to enjoy summer and recharge your creative batteries! We ALL need that from time to time! Enjoy! Enjoy!

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