Color the Emotion

Pick a few colors and create without stiffness.

Finding Visual Voice – Prepare for the Free Webinar!

What to Think About Finding Visual Voice? – Watch the video!

Currently, I look at my art with a different point of view than when I created it. Non-art-related things in the past can also get integrated into art. Watch the video to dive deeper into these insights and to see examples!

Free Webinar – Save Your Spot!

Let’s meet! I am broadcasting live from my studio and talk about finding your visual voice. I have a subtitle: “How to start the journey?” because I think it’s a thing we need to rediscover again and again!

Finding Visual Voice, a free webinar run by Paivi from Peony and Parakeet, Jan 31, 2018

When you register, enter your time zone, and you will see when the webinar begins where you live. Save your spot even if you couldn’t come just at that very moment. You can then watch the recording later that week! >> Register here

Draw and Paint Flowers Like Never Before – Sign up for Floral Fantasies!

Floral Fantasies in Three Styles - Paint and draw both abstract and realistic flowers in new ways! By Peony and Parakeet.

I am rerunning my best technique workshop so far, Floral Fantasies in 3 Styles. It’s about taking the best tricks from three visual approaches and immersing into the beauty of flowers. The workshop is now in the early-bird sale, so reserve your spot!

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