Color the Emotion

Pick a few colors and create without stiffness.

23 thoughts on “Art Is a Conversation

  1. Oh, wow! Already registered. Woke up this morning with laryngitis, time to start conversing with my sketchbook…now that I’ve finished some projects that have been neglected. It will be easy on my vocal chords. LOL

  2. Never thought about letting the mediums talk to each other. What a great time that would be to listen to what they say. This exercise sounds like so much fun to spend in my art journal. I don’t have to worry if I understand what they are saying since it is happening in my mind and I know exactly what they say and mean. Your video looked like a joyful time and one I need to do for myself. Thanks!

  3. This was fun to watch because inside of me a host of creative energies started jumping up and down urging me to grab my supplies!
    Thank you, this is brilliant.

  4. That was fascinating! I was mesmerized watching how you narrated your piece as you worked. It really opened my eyes to seeing “abstract/non-representational art” in a new way. Thank you!

  5. Exciting way of doing ART….looks like fun and the end result is stimulating. I can hardly wait for class to start but, in the meantime, my supplies are going to get to know each other intimately! Have a wonderful holiday, Paivi……and Dianne, Mary and Susie. See you in class?

  6. It was interesting how you built up this painting, layering media: painting, coloring in with pencil, collaging and drawing. The outcome has so much depth and texture, charming.
    I am looking forward to January and starting
    class, until then, Happy holidays!

  7. Oh boy, am I excited about this. I just got out my box of hand decorated papers and started to look at them again with new eyes. Paivi, you have such good ideas. Thanks for sharing them. Can’t wait until Jan. 1 so I guess I’ll try my hand at this now.

  8. I like the idea of the supplies being a part of a conversation. I usually feel like it’s just me transferring my ideas to the paper. The concept seems far out and yes I am going to experiment with that!

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