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Painting with Imagination – Watch the Video!

Bluebird, a watercolor and gouache painting by Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet. Watch the video about creating this painting and using imagination!

This week, I have made a special video for you! On the video, I paint with watercolors and talk about getting attention and growing imagination. They both are important for any artist. Honestly, it was quite exciting to talk and paint under two cameras, and I was afraid that I would just make a mess when I had so many things going on at the same time. But I tried to make the video so that it would feel like you would be visiting my studio and paint with me there. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Painting with Imagination – Watch the Video!

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18 thoughts on “Painting with Imagination – Watch the Video!

  1. I loved so much about this video; how the dark yellow was a great addition, how you started without a drawing, how you talked to us about attention and how you shared your collection at the end. a really unexpected free gift for today! Looking fwd to class!

  2. Your art is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this video. I have not done a lot of art lately. I guess I am trying to figure out my style. What I have learned this week is that I need to just play a lot and then my style will show in what I am doing and build on that instead of trying to figure out my style first. Blessings.

    1. Thanks, Lisa! Yes, having enough creative time and not trying to forcefully push something out, is important! To me, it has also been important to learn about the general aesthetics, like how to create flowing shapes and how flowing do I want them to be.

  3. Paivi… it was so much fun watching you paint. Watching you work with the watercolors inspires me to just go in my art room and experiment myself with how they work together. I thoroughly enjoy this post. I’m looking forward to the floral class but, in the meantime, I’m still working on part 1 of the Inspirational Drawing 2.0 class and loving it. Thank you for sharing your work with us…wonderful! I think it’s time to put on some music and get to work (I mean play)…?

    1. Thank you, Sue! That’s exactly what I wanted to offer with the video: the inspiration to paint! Looking forward to seeing your flowers in the class!!

  4. The video is just wonderful – so nice listening to you talk while painting which I would think is extremely hard to do. I keep seeing a large fish below the lady. The blue bird is holding it’s tail as it is swimming under her to the left side of the painting. This gave me a feeling she was looking into the deep waters seeing plants and the fish and corals and sea weeds. Its like her imagination was just barely beginning to work and we were watching the slow realization of her freedom to wonder anywhere she wanted to go. This was a really nice way to spend some time tonight – with you and watching the painting come into view. Sometimes it seems you use the brush to flick off parts that didn’t need to be there and other times, you add a bit of unexpected color for no apparent reason – just makes it look richer and deep. I could watch for hours! Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. I really loved watching you work! The soft, large washes at the sides really added to the final project. Thank you.

  6. I definitely see a koi fish in their too, below the lady. Thank you Päivi for sharing your ideas and tips on how to think when painting freely.

    I also painted along with you here in Sweden!

    1. Thanks, iHanna! Wonderful to hear that you painted with the video! As I mentioned to Mary, I saw the fish after reading the comments. The fish appearing there is quite funny actually because I have been thinking about koi fish a lot in the recent days. I saw hand-dyed yarn that was inspired by the colors of koi and thought how well the dyer had managed to repeat the color scheme. It came to my mind again and again during the week and apparently it also found its way to the painting!

  7. Thank you, Päivi! It was lovely to see you creating a piece of art. I think you are right: imagination starts growing when one just starts working and creating. Your way of creating is also a fearless way to create – just start something and the imagination will guide you, you don’t have to know what the end result will be when you start.

  8. Paivi – thank you for sharing this video. I was so inspired while I watched it! I do not think I can successfully make representational art that I could be satisfied with. However, seeing this class has stirred my imagination – you have shown me the type of painting I could be successful with. The flip through of your portfolio was a great gift. My imagination has been stunted for many, many years, the critic in my head has been loud, but the examples in your book made my imagination feel like it had been freed! I shall be watching this video time and time again for inspiration and for the techniques you so eloquently shared with us. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Jakki, it was so delightful to read that the video has given you new ideas about your art. That’s exactly why I keep on teaching and creating. I think the art is not just replicating something we see but also expressing something that is invisible and hidden inside us.

  9. Paivi, I love watching and listening to you paint. All the comments have said about all my thoughts also. I am still in awe of your work. Thank you for sharing. Love this idea of talking and painting. As always, you captured a beautiful picture with hidden meaning. I really enjoyed your flip through of all your paintings. Thank you.

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