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Art Journaling about Imagination

There's a Garden, an art journal page in a Smash book

Here’s a page from my Smash book that I use as an art journal. I have picked a phrase from a Finnish reggae artist, Jukka Poika. He has a song called Potentiaalii (“Potential”). This is the best part of the song: “There’s a garden somewhere in the desert of your mind, where everything is possible and nothing is certain.”

I think that’s exactly what creativity can offer us. The only limit is our imagination. When art journaling I sometimes document, but I also dream. I am in the garden of my desert and I always feel happy and content there.

2 thoughts on “Art Journaling about Imagination

  1. Hi just joined your site and feel really inspired.I am intrigued to know about your cutter you use for your Christmas bauble cards and where I might obtain one from
    As I am not the worlds greatest cutter and it would be very useful,thanks a lot Claire

    1. Hi Claire, thanks for your comment! In the video where I make Christmas cards I use Fiskars Squeeze Punch. It cuts circles that are about 2 inches.

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