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Drama and Contrasts in Art

Counterforces, a painting by Peony and Parakeet. See the video of how to include drama in your painting!

This is my latest painting called “Counterforces”. The idea for this came from the books that I have read recently. They are Outlining Your Novel and Structuring Your Novel by K.M. Weiland. I picked those books, not because I would be writing a novel, but because I want to understand more about drama and how to bring it to visual art. With self-expression, I aim for describing scenes and experiences rather than static figures. I want to experience the drama while I am creating and show the drama in the result as well.

Create Contrasts and Suspense – Watch the Video!

I recorded the process of creating the painting. While creating, I tried to bring as many contrasts as possible to the painting. The most memorable moments in our lives often include some drama – countering forces or feelings.

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22 thoughts on “Drama and Contrasts in Art

  1. When I was in high school, the gym teacher required us to learn different types of dance. One was interpretive modern dance (55 years ago). We were told to DO NOT PLAN but to dance as it moved us. I watch my granddaughter do similar at 5 years old. She plays music and begins moving and dancing to it. Once when the cicadas were extremely loud outside and the moon bright, I woke my sleeping granddaughter at 2 years old and held her to me as we danced in the dark to the “music”, Your video was reenactment of those old memories. I watched as you danced to the feelings in the music. WONDERFUL.

  2. This is wonderful! First of all, I’m tickled to hear you enjoyed Outlining Your Novel and Structuring Your Novel, even though you’re not a writer. You’re the first artist I know of who has used the books, which is entirely cool! Enjoyed your video as well–and your paintings are gorgeous!

    1. Oh my, thank you so much for coming here to comment! I throughly enjoyed the two books! They brought me a challenge of how to use them in creating visual art and also, how to structure the exercises in my future classes so that they will be produce both enjoyable and exciting experiences for my students. I believe that literature has a lot to offer in visual arts. This was not the first time I studied writing to improve visual expression, though! I used a poem-writing course last year Also, I have a book about creative writing in my reading list!

    1. Thank you, Cara!! I buy most of my music from the website called These songs are called Winner Takes All, Burning World and Natural Ambience.

  3. Loved watching you paint! Love your versatility and spontaneity. Can’t wait for the class to start!

  4. Paivi your process always amazes me!! I LOVE how you work at your paintings and drawings! This is such a beautiful and DRAMATIC painting! Thank you for sharing.

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