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Motion Art – Ornamental Land

This week, I have a short video artwork that has motion and sound. It’s been made as a part of the big project that I am working on.  I have received a grant for it from The Finnish Cultural Foundation.

This is my first video artwork that also has audio. I recorded bird sounds and other natural sounds earlier in the spring and composed the soundscape from those recordings.

The 3D shapes are modeled in the 3D modeling program called Blender, and I have programmed the movement in C# programming language. Everything except the audio was put together in the Unity game engine. I added the soundscape in the video editing program called DaVinci Resolve. These are all pretty complicated tools, and it has taken time to learn them. If you are interested in the process, watch my video: “From Painting to Digital 3D Art” where I tell about the first half of the grant project.

Motion Art – Working with New Media

The big project is called “Unknown Land,” and I call this video artwork “Ornamenttien maa” which is “Land of Ornaments” or “Ornamental Land” in English. It has been a challenge to transfer my drawing and painting style to a new media, but I think I am getting closer and closer. What do you think? Does it look like my work?

Creating movement and sound has been new to me, and I will also add interaction to the final piece.

Digital artist Paivi Eerola creates motion art.

Even if I have spent a lot of time on my computer called Turandot (named after my favorite composer Giancomo Puccini‘s opera), I am not leaving painting and drawing. You will see my digital artworks from time to time, but there will be a lot of other content too. For an artist, working with one medium can help with other. My main inspiration always starts from drawing what ever I create.

16 thoughts on “Motion Art – Ornamental Land

  1. This is an amazing artwork, Paivi! Thought provoking and beautiful. I found the percussive and scratching sounds a bit distracting but perhaps that’s what you intended … I love the visuals and the progression of forms.

    1. Thank you, Melissa! It’s taken a long time to find shapes that resonate with me and my paintings. I am still a beginner in sound, but want to do it to learn!

  2. Fantastic beginning! I love the new “immersion art” that is traveling around the United States. I hope to experience the Monet version next week and someday yours!

  3. Good for you for taking on an intensive digital art learning process.
    The designs, shapes and colors are your style.
    Have fun, I prefer your hand work of pencils and brushes.
    Digital art will be entertaining, it can never replace hand drawn.


    1. Thank you, Arlene! I became so delighted when I saw your comment because it’s such a great topic for discussion.

      I think that digital art is not meant to replace handdrawn. It’s power is in it’s immersive nature, especially when experienced with virtual glasses. Handdrawn continues, and digital art grows – both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

  4. Päivi, this is absolutely incredible! Thank you for sharing it with all of us. There’s NO WAY I could produce something like this! All that I can do is draw with pencil and ink, trace and paint. Very boring. At least I can write and illustrate a book about a Pict and his girlfriend, a Viking.

  5. Upeaa, kiitos tämän jakamisesta! Niin paljon katsottavaa ja äänimaailma luo mielikuvan suomalaisesta kesäyöstä. Vaikuttavaa.

  6. Mesmerising
    Recently I went to a Van Gogh immersive experience. It was first time I’d ever been to one and at first not sure.
    I can honestly say I found your short piece better. Probably because you’d created it for sound and motion. Whereas with Van Gogh pieces which were obviously original static I didn’t think it worked. Just my opinion of course
    I loved the spinning effect and the occasional beat.
    Very interested to see your next pieces. Thank you for sharing

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