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Drawing Sceneries with Watercolor Pencils

This week, I have a fun drawing idea: fill a paper with many small sceneries!

Drawing sceneries with watercolor pencils. Watercolor pencils art by Paivi Eerola, Finland. Colored with Caran d'Ache Museum Aquarelle pencils.

For this project, I have used watercolor pencils and Fabriano Accademia drawing paper (size: A4). The paper is very nice with colored pencils and goes well with watercolor pencils too.

Inspiration for Drawing Sceneries

Creating mini-sceneries is easy when you start playing with the scale. Think about a bumblebee – how it first flies over fields admiring the view and then finds a mini-world inside a flower.

A bumblebee inside a peony.

Your mind can be a busy bee, collecting a variety of ideas – big and small.

A detail of a collection of mini-sceneries by Paivi Eerola. Drawing sceneries with watercolor pencils in a fun way.

Your hand can then pick some of those ideas and put them into one picture like it would be a treasured collection in a secret museum. “Faberge eggs,” said my husband when I showed my picture to him.

Watercolor Pencils

Caran d'Ache watercolor pencils, landscape colors.

I often use regular colored pencils but slowly I have become interested in watercolor pencils too. I have had a few Caran d’Ache Museum Aquarelle pencils for a while and I love their quality – vivid colors, lovely to hold, and work well without water too. A couple of weeks ago, I bought 20 landscape colors to accompany what I already have.

Mini-Sceneries – Start Here!

Start your collection by picking a circle template, for example, a lid. Draw circles so that they overlap partially. Put one idea into one circle and color each of the circles separately.

Drawing sceneries with watercolor pencils. Combining many mini-sceneries on one paper.

This can be a “one in a day” project. Take your time to focus on each circle.

Watercolor Pencils in Use

Watercolor pencils are great for quickly filling larger areas. Color the area lightly and then add water over the colored area.

Using watercolor pencils for drawing small sceneries.

Let dry before adding a new layer on the top.

Drawing Sceneries – Playing with Styles

My favorite thing is to combine nature-related ideas such as landscapes and flowers with decorative motifs. I like to draw dots, other simple shapes, and lines so that they form frames and ornaments.

Ideas for watercolor pencils. By Paivi Eerola.

In this project, the circles are nature-related while the background has a more ornamental approach.

Using Caran d'Ache watercolor pencils for drawing sceneries.

When you keep the background unified, you can use many styles in one piece. One paper then becomes a diary where anything handmade looks great together because it’s made by one hand and one mind.

Drawing in Ornamental Style

Caran d'Ache Museum Aquarelle watercolor pencils and ideas for drawing sceneries. By Paivi Eerola

This project is another variation of the earlier blog post: Colored Pencils – Ornamental Approach. If you have taken the course Intuitive Coloring, would you be interested in creating something like this on a course next?

8 thoughts on “Drawing Sceneries with Watercolor Pencils

  1. Päivi, this is so exciting that I’m going to order some watercolour pencils ASAP! Your pictures are gorgeous, and I love the idea of overlapping circles with different landscape features in them. Thank you so much for posting this!

  2. Beautiful little scenes! I want to jump into them, especially the top-middle one. Watercolor pencils make me happy, and I’d definitely be interested in a class from you about them.

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