Color the Emotion

Pick a few colors and create without stiffness.

New Online Painting Workshops – See the videos!

I have two new online painting workshops in October! See the videos and sign up!

Planet Color
 is suitable for beginners and focuses on color!

Nature in Your Mind is for those who have been painting for a while and who love nature themes!

I have got quite a lot of feedback about the intensity of my workshops: that people wish they could reflect more and have some time after the most intense part of the workshop with the opportunity to get more personal feedback. So I have taken this into account in this workshop, thank you all who have filled the feedback form after my workshops! I get back to them all the time and use them when planning new courses like this one!

Come along and free up your painting!

>> Sign up for Planet Color!
>> Sign up for Nature in Your Mind!

Hopefully I will meet you in either of these – or in both!

2 thoughts on “New Online Painting Workshops – See the videos!

  1. Dear Païvi,
    Thanks for your video’s. Impressing what you told about your father. And the lovely photo of you both!!
    I’ll subscribe today.
    Hoping you all(the dogs too) are in good health.

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