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Some Things Never Change

My favorite time in a normal working week is Friday night. That’s when I turn the music on, grab the pens and brushes and start creating.

I often think about deep and complicated but the music I listen to is very ordinary pop. It really does not go along with my visual style. What I need from music is to create a kind of shield around me, assure that I can do it. It’s been like this for tens of years.
Speaking of time over 20 years ago …

These two old paintings are hanging at my home and I watch them every day. What I did then was pretty much the same that I do now: listen to bad music and get into a flow state. Back then I had just discovered cubism and some new hues of color. These paintings remind me how people stay same even if the years go by. New thoughts will appear, new colors and shapes will be discovered but the true identity stays.

5 thoughts on “Some Things Never Change

  1. Its great to see how you have evolved..I love having “old’ artwork around to see where my interests use to lie. Change is always good:) Love your work! Julie

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