Color the Emotion

Pick a few colors and create without stiffness.

Mixed Media Pie Party

Mixed Media pies, Karelian pies by Peony and Parakeet

Karelian pies – tears come to my eyes when I remember a childhood memory of my past mother making them. And her story of my grandmother who made a pile of those for her six daughters every Saturday. Just some water, flour, rice and butter was needed. Or well, that’s what I thought before I made some by myself after moving away from home. Patience too, I recognized!

Mixed Media pies. Karelian Pies by Peony and Parakeet

I wanted to experiment with creating something not so serious. So I recreated Karelian pies. These mixed media pies are made of fabric, wool, lace, beads, buttons etc. And they look like baked after I added some fabric dye in the edges.

Mixed Media pie. Karelian Pies by Peony and Parakeet

When making these I remembered the emotional connection I have for the Karelian pies. They represent caring and love for me. In the area where I grew there where no celebration nor funeral where Karelian pies would not be served. The finer the occasion, the smaller the pies – and there were a hundred of them!

Mixed Media Karelian Pies by Peony and Parakeet

I thought I would create a fantasy world with my pies, linens and fancy tea but my thoughts became more real than I had ever suspected. I became to think how important people from the past quietly fade away when the time goes by. And how we can bring them back to our minds. Like inviting them for a cup of tea, even only in our thoughts.

Mixed Media Karelian Pies by Peony and Parakeet

While taking the photos I remembered a small table linen that I had embroidered as a teenager. Back then I dreamt about the future and wanted to make something very traditional Karelian for myself to treasure. I was inspired by the stories of how young women made their linen before they stepped into the marriage. That embroidered piece combined with the Karelian pies really speaks to me.

Art is freedom. Give yourself the freedom to create! You will get something precious in return.

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Collage Mittens

Knitted mittens, collage mittens, knitting, crochet, by Peony and Parakeet

I needed new mittens so knitted them using some leftover yarns. But when finished, my knitted mittens looked so plain! Even if I had knitted stripes to make them more interesting. I got an idea: I crocheted embellishments which I sewed on the mittens. Yes, I like them now! Very folk with a modern twist!

Collage mittens, knitting, crochet, by Peony and Parakeet

The mittens were finished but this story is not over. I began to think how I got the idea about the crocheted embellishments. Well, you know my love for collages. I was thinking about collage mittens! I find these words most inspiring when combined: collage and mittens. I got plenty of ideas how I could take the concept even further and begin combining crochet, knit, quilted fabric, ribbons and so on. Probably I will make those crazy collage mittens next winter.

Remember, if you need new ideas, think about naming your project by thinking how they would call it in another substance area. For example, how would carved mittens look like?

Knitted mittens, collage mittens, knitting, crochet, by Peony and Parakeet, Päivi Eerola

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A Decorated Box Using Mixed Media

Decorated box filled with ink bottlesTrash can become a treasure

It was only a small cardboard box but I wanted to take it to the extreme. There’s something extremely satisfying in taking  trash and treating it like a treasure. Many times when I draw I miss working with 3-dimensional objects. This time I wanted to enjoy playing with the box and use all its’ sides. Mixed media was the driving factor here too.


First removed all the extra tapes from the box surface. Then I covered the box with white gesso. It would give colors better background than brown cardboard.


I painted the inside panels yellow. It is one of my favorite colors and I often use it when I want to add light but do not want to do that with white. As you may know, I am not a big fan of white!

Adding collage elements to the inside panels of the box

Plain yellow surface looked little bare so I added some collage elements. These were made by coloring pages from children’s books with color pencils and then  randomly cutting circles from the colored areas. I glued the circles with gel medium.

The bottom of the box needed something different. I decided to crochet a piece that would fit inside the box. I began with a small square and crocheted around it using a couple of colors. Finally I finished the pice by embroidering a flower.

At this phase the box reminded me about the sunflowers in the end of the summer. Then I began to decorate the outside of the box.

Crocheted bottom of the decorated box

Crocheted edge on the bottom of the decorated box


I continued with crochet. I made flowers and a long chain which I used in the outside bottom. It feels great to lay the box onto the table when there’s soft wool in the edges!

The I wondered how to attach the decorations like the crocheted flowers and various buttons to the outside edges. They were pretty heavy. Golden Fiber Paste was the perfect stuff! It created the textured surface and attached all the little pieces securely.

A decorated box using mixed media, a closeup

The end result is unusual looking but perfect for my indian ink bottles!

Folk Bag with Imagination

Folk Bag, Dancing With Imagination, by Peony and Parakeet

I finished this bag in the summer but have been saving this for blogging. Now when the autumn has come to Finland, showing this feels appropriate.

Folk Bag, Dancing With Imagination, by Peony and Parakeet

When making this my goal was to create something based on my own style so I created everything myself. All the patterns and ornaments are my own designs.

This bag is inspired by nature in the way many folk style objects were. It also represents the design process where wild plants change to stiff ornaments.

I named the bag after another of my work. This is called Dancing With Imagination because it is so much alike than the art journal page that I made a while ago.

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