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Do You Have a Talent for Creating Art?

This blog post is illustrated by students of the 4-week online workshop Inspirational Drawing. All the illustrations shown here are created at the class by these wonderful artists: Deb Weiers, Chrissie, CHB, Valerie Lima, Sandy Guderyon, Mary W, Gloria Schurman, Katia Maliantovich, Nea Wiseman, Gina Meadows, Joanne, Jacqueline Kriesels, Marie Jerred, Sue Rowlands and C in Ohio.

Let’s start the actual blog post with a personal question: Do you ever wonder whether you are talented enough?

I used to think that some day I will meet a person, both knowledgeable and prestigious, who would tell whether my art is good or bad.  That thought made me both excited and worried. I became excited when I thought that someone saw more in my art than I did myself. And I became worried when thinking about the opposite result: that my art, that beautiful tower I had built, would just collapse. I would collapse.

Deb Weiers, student artwork created at the class Inspirational Drawing

Years went by and I got tired of waiting for a specialist’s opinion. Maybe I could be my own critic? I went to study industrial design to find out how the quality of art and design would be set. While studying I realized that there are no right or wrong. People are different. Some may like art that somebody else does not, even if they both are art critics.

Somehow that made me even more puzzled. I didn’t know what kind of people would be my people, who would enjoy my art. And furthermore, if my art was bad, there wouldn’t be many of them.

However, I became convinced that somewhere in the world, there must be people that want to use their imagination and design whatever they like. They want to build houses …

Chrissie's house, student artwork created at the class Inspirational Drawing

… they want to travel …

CHB and Valerie Lima, student artwork created at the class Inspirational Drawing

… they feel drawn to beautiful patterns, and dream about enchanting gardens …

Sandy Guderyon and Mary W, student artwork created at the class Inspirational Drawing

They want to learn from the history and use it to move forward in their own direction.

Deb Weiers, student artwork created at the class Inspirational Drawing

The more I examined whether I have the talent, I realized that art is not an absolute in any way. Art is a channel to express and communicate. If I look outside the window, and let my mind wonder on a path, the question is not how dimensional the window frames look like or how grey the stepping tones are. I find my people by sharing how uplifting the coolness feels like when walking barefoot on a hot summer day.

Gloria Schurman and Katia Maliantovich: student artwork created at the class Inspirational Drawing

Even if there are theories about aesthetics, originality, playfulness etc. which determine good art, it is the experience that matters the most. If we feel connected to our art, there are much more chances that others will too.

Nea Wiseman, Gina Meadows and Joanne, student artwork created at the class Inspirational Drawing

By strengthening our connection, we will become more talented. We start creating more and seeing more. We will have more to express and more imagination to use. We can make people calm down in front of our art, or make them run and catch thoughts about their possibilities.

Jacqueline Kriesels and Marie Jerred, student artwork created at the class Inspirational Drawing

Nowadays, many ask me whether they have the talent. Even before they actually start.

Here’s the answer: Your talent cannot be determined by the grades you got while you were at school. Your talent cannot be determined by an opinion of a knowledgeable and prestigious specialist. Art is not about talent. It is about having something to say and work for saying it. It is about asking “what if” and finding the answer by using both your life experience and imagination. It is about looking out the window, seeing numerous possibilities for the perspective, and bravely picking your point of view.

Sue Rowlands and C in Ohio, student artwork created at the class Inspirational Drawing

So, do you have a talent for creating art? Always.

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13 thoughts on “Do You Have a Talent for Creating Art?

  1. Oh Paivi, I am so THRILLED to be included in this talented group. Thank you! The beauty of these works brought me to tears of happiness today. I CAN call myself and artist with no hesitation, and the inspiration I feel from seeing these works has no bounds. This Saturday, I am hosting something called The Great Retreat, where people can take time out, wherever they are.
    My plan for the day is to spread out the lovely works I’ve accomplished this past 18 months or so, and take stock of all that my teachers in online classes have taught me.
    I want to appreciate these women and give myself credit, as well. Then I plan to write a poem for them and send it by mail.
    The arrt pieces are stored in my Treasure Box that you suggested we use, Paivi.
    I will never forget how i felt (and continue to feel) in the Inspirational Drawing class.
    I have written about it in my blog, as well.
    Thank you for this, Paivi. My heart is very full. Congratulations to all.

  2. Your words today are so thick with meaning, emotion, and inspiration. Your class drew out wonderful art from so many people. I know that most were surprised by all they learned about themselves and creating art. I was. I have taken so many art classes in school, collage, workshops, and on-line but never have I learned so much about myself which, of course, is the key to ME making art that I enjoy and have feeling for. Thank you for this lovely commentary about art. You are such a blessing to me.

    1. Thank you, Mary! I really that you will continue to create art and finding more about yourself. Now when I look at your artwork, it can also be a profile, do you see it?

      1. I saw it before and since I was searching into the enchanted garden, I tried to cover it up. Now when I read your words in this post, I wish I had emphasized – it might have been me peeking out but I really didn’t like the beard! LOL

  3. Seeing the various works created by the many students in your last ‘Inspirational Drawing’ class really is a real showcase for some of the pieces made. The philosophy behind the process can also be applied to life, thus enriching a person’s personal experiences. Thank you for the classes and for including something I did in this post. The people in the class were so very helpful with their comment and suggestions.

    1. Valerie, thank you! It was so great to get to know better many of the people who have been following my blog for a long time.

  4. Hi Paivi!! It has been wonderful to see work from the Inspirational Drawing class again! I had forgot how many beautiful pieces came out of this class! Your class opened up my artwork to be more expressive and free. I am ever grateful for your teaching!!

    1. Thank you Deb! With this post I also wanted to show how text can bring context to the images and vice versa. This kind of illustrational approach does not always come to mind when looking at a single artwork. Your first image has been the foundation for this post.

  5. What a beautiful post and thank you, thank you, thank you, for calling us artists! You are really an inspiration and I have been doing more of this style of work. I’m trying hard to find my inner voice. May I share this post with my friends?

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