Color the Emotion

Pick a few colors and create without stiffness.

Video: See What You Think

Are you searching for art journaling inspiration? Are you wondering what to create for your art journal next? Let the pen move and see what you think!

Inspirational Drawing is built so that you can enjoy developing the three dimensions of creating:
1) increasing your imagination
2) improving your technical skills
3) using inspirational source material.

You will learn a creative process in detail through art journaling exercises. Course videos will not only show you how to do, but I also talk about the emotions and the inspiration behind them. You can start enjoying free drawing without wondering what to draw or how to draw. The process itself will take care of that! >> Buy now!

22 thoughts on “Video: See What You Think

  1. I could watch you create all day, how you travel over the paper with intutive mark making and end up with such a lovely drawing is beyond me! I am looking forward to your class.

  2. ohhhhh Paivi! this is absolutely stunning!! only YOU could turn simple scribbles into a masterpiece!!! loved watching this-thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. Watching you do your magic is amazing. You have helped me in a lot of ways in this video. Setting myself loose in art and letting go of control. Thank you for sharing. I hope I could enroll in one of your classes in the future.

    1. Thanks, Carrie! So great to hear! My class Inspirational Drawing combines the liberated approach with the knowledge on aesthetics and expression. I believe we need both sides of our brains to create meaningful art!

  4. Paivi! You are UNREAL! This video was simply magical to watch. Is there any way we can download them, I want to watch it over and over! You continue to inspire and motivate me, thank you so much.

    1. Thank you, Rosemary! I think there are ways to download YouTube videos , at least if you use a dedicated app but this video will not disappear from YouTube! Just favorite it so that you can easily get back to it.

  5. Thank you so much, I love your art and you are so nice you share with us. And it seems as if I can make too, but not easy… But I never stop, Thank you again, love, nia

  6. I just realized one secret to your amazing art – you don’t finish the “thought” but keep it alive for others to find their own “thoughts”. This page is a revelation to me that I need more imagination not more control! I saw your water splashes first, then noticed what appeared to me to be sunshine then magically you were erasing a sail out and BINGO, I saw your thought but my mind finished it with details that I know you didn’t put in – your details were from your life and mine from my own life. I love that about your art. Thanks for a truly inspirational post today!! Paivi, your art is alive.

    1. Thank you, Mary! I find your observation most interesting as I try to create images that are clear enough without being “too clear”.

  7. Paivi, you are so amazing! You inspire me to get out my pencils
    and draw. I loved the class and some of us have continued on.

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