New Site, New Folk Bag and Other News

A lot of things have happened recently, along with the new web site and the location of this blog! I am going to expand the web site within the next months and hopefully you’ll already have bookmarked the new location of the blog.

Participating in an Exhibition

From October to the beginning of December my work is displayed at a knitting themed exhibition in Tampere, Finland. At the crafts centre Verkaranta you can see my printed fabric Botanical Garden and a new folk bag there.

Fabric, Botanical Garden
Botanical Garden, turquoise colorway

Here’s the new folk bag.

Folk Bag

I think that crocheting the bottom part with many colors looks pretty!

Folk Bag

Great Time at the Craft Fair

In september I attended a craft fair in Helsinki, Finland. It was organized by a small group of local small businesses. I mostly sell online so it was fun to talk people in person for a change.

Paivi at the Craft Fair in Helsinki
I am holding the fabric Summer here.

But now it’s nothing like summer in Finland, it’s cold and dark and we have already got some snow too!

Stella, my beagle

This was the day Stella saw snow the first time. She loves it!

I am sorry about the few week’s break in blog posts! Now when I am settled here in the new location, I will get back to regular posts. Lot’s of new creative stuff to come!

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4 Responses to New Site, New Folk Bag and Other News

  1. Hi Paivi: Lovely new site and blog. Loved your “This Is How I Doodle” video. May share it at one of my blogs. How do you like Spoonflower?

    • Päivi says:

      Thanks, Sandi! Of course you can share the video! I do like Spoonflower, they expand their products regularly and the service is ok. The only really bad thing is that when living in Finland it takes long time to get the fabrics delivered. I have just uploaded a new design (will blog about it later this month) and now I have to wait for weeks to get the swatch!

  2. Your work is lovely, fantastic colours and design! Your site and blog are very inviting, as well as your Etsy shops!

    • Päivi says:

      Thanks, Laurence! I am glad you like all of them! I will add more photos of my work to the web site within the next few weeks as my intestion is to make it very visual!