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Artistic Embroidery with Pens and Paper

I am so excited!

Click to buy 21 Secrects Art Journaling workshop!

I will be teaching an online class as a part of 21 SECRETS Spring 2015! The class is called Artistic Embroidery with Pens and Paper.

An art journal page inspired by crazy quilting by Peony and Parakeet. A workshop about needlework inspired art journaling is available as a part of 21 Secrets Spring 2015 online course.

Class Description

Let the long history of textiles show up in your art journal! For hundreds of years people have created textile art to express themselves. In the workshop we will discover ways to imitate embroidery and quilting using paint, pen and paper! No actual sewing needed!

We will find inspiration from various stitches and techniques like crazy quilting, silk ribbon embroidery and modern patchwork. These art journal pages don’t only make you feel warm and welcomed, but also let you express the luxury only handmade can offer. After the workshop you will look at the family heirlooms in a new way!

Artistic Embroidery with Pens and Paper, an art journaling workshop by Peony and Parakeet, as a part of 21 Secrets spring 2015

21 SECRETS – 21 teachers!

By purchasing the class you will not only get that but also 20 other online classes from 20 other great artists!

21 SECRETS Spring 2015 on sale now!

Starts in April – Now available for preorder!

21 SECRETS Spring 2014 starts at 1st April and it is now available for preorder. Once the workshop starts in April, you will get a downloadable PDF including all 21 classes. It is packed with videos, full color photos, printouts and instructional content. You will get unlimited access to all 21 classes and a membership to the private Facebook community where you can discuss with me and the other teachers and participants. If you want to learn or boost your art journaling, this is the workshop to choose!

An embroidery inspired art journaling page. Join 21 SECRETS Spring 2015 to get a workshop from Peony and Parakeet!

Why preorder now?

I am a big believer of looking further ahead than to the next month. When you will see the spring light and start to wait for the summer, April is the perfect time to get something new for your journals and your skills.

And here’s another good reason to pre-order! The regular price for the 21 classes is 98 USD, if you preorder now it is only 69 USD! But be quick, the lowest price is available for the first 150 participants only!

21 SECRETS Spring 2015 PreOrder now!

I hope to see you at Artistic Embroidery with Pens and Paper! Click here to read more and preorder!

12 thoughts on “Artistic Embroidery with Pens and Paper

  1. What a great way to preserve the memory of the quilts I used to make, before paper crafting took over. I may do a journal of the quilts I have started, why I began them, and how I think they would look IF I ever go back and finish them. Your idea is a great way to honor those unfinished fabrics just laying their waiting to be turned into a quilt. Thank you so much for the inspiration. I signed up for Ravelry so I could get your pattern quickly. Sounds more like a book (chapters!?) and I know it will be grab with all the work you put into things. Can’t wait.

    1. it will be good (not grab) – yes if I wrote in another language I would have double checked-HA.

      1. Thank you, Mary! What a great idea to create pages inspired by the unfinished quilts! Yes, the pattern will be more like a little book with many many photos. BTW Ravelry is a great place to be!

  2. I read and love every single one of your posts. Because of you, I have made wonderful ” gift wrap” out of all sorts of advertising fliers that come with the newspaper…When I saw your gift wrap, I was totally smitten and had to try it myself. (that was months ago)…I cannot do what you do, but I have been so inspired to make lots more art papers. Thank you. I agree with you about a mother’s handiwork…my mother died, but I have lots of her artwork and handwriting and her knitting and I treasure those things so much. My dad died recently, but I have shore birds he carved, paintings he painted, even some engraving he did on silver. I love having those things so much.

  3. I am so glad that you will be teaching in 21 Secrets. You have so much talent to share! ……….. I also cherish my mother’s and grandmother’s “heirlooms” that they passed on to me. I hope my children will cherish my art journals and sketchbooks as heirlooms one day!

    1. Thank you, Claire! It was great to hear that you share similar thoughts about your family heirlooms and your art journals. I am sure your children will cherish your journals, they are lucky!

  4. Hi Päivi. You have a lovely blog and your art is also lovely. I just stumbled upon you by accident and I am enthralled by what you creat and your generosity in sharing your process. Because of your enthusiasm I have signed up for the spring 21 Secrets and I have never art journaled so nervous!!!! I also feel a connection to you , my father was Finnish and my mother an Estonian. Looking forward to your class.

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