Color the Emotion

Pick a few colors and create without stiffness.

New Free Mini-Course for Subscribers

Great news! I have updated the free mini-course “Paint the Emotion” and it’s now called “Color the Emotion.” I have added a new project with colored pencils and more talk about how to approach art-making. The mini-course is about 40-minutes long and it’s available for all the subscribers of my weekly emails.

Here I am talking about the free mini-course in a video:

>> Subscribe here!

P.S. If you are already subscribed, no worries! I will send you an email today with the link to the mini-course!

4 thoughts on “New Free Mini-Course for Subscribers

  1. Hello Paivi,

    I am very interested in the free mini-course, your work is so beautiful and unique I’m not sure I’m up to the challenge of creating something beautiful, thus the free mini-course will allow me to ‘test drive’ one of your lessons. However, each time I click on the “Free Mini-Course” button, I get a window telling me to subscribe, I am already subscribed. Is there another way to access the free mini-course?

  2. The mini-course has been sent to current subscribers on January 15, so all who are subscribers, check your inbox and that day!

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