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Step into Hundertwasser’s Ecstasy!

An art journaling mini-course inspired by Hundertwasser! By Peony and Parakeet

An Austrian architect and artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser inspired me to create this art journaling mini-course. Painter’s Ecstasy has just been released as a part of Imagine Monthly.

Getting into Hundertwasser’s Head

Creating the mini-course took a lot of time. I didn’t want to just paint something in Hundertwasser’s style. I wanted to find the elements in his style that support intuitive painting. I wanted to discover the essentials that allow anyone to produce their own work, not just copies. I also wanted to point out the most important nuances that make his paintings so appealing.

Even if Hundertwasser’s paintings (go check my Pinterest board: “Hundertwasser Hunger”) are so clearly shaped and striking, getting into his head wasn’t easy! I made a lot of sketches and experimented with various art supplies. These art journaling pages are some of the sketches:

Hundertwasser inspired sketches by Peony and Parakeet

Structures from Buildings and Maps

Hundertwasser’s education in architecture affected the way he painted. He used structures from buildings and maps to express himself.  His paintings tell stories about how humans relate to their environment. It made me think how my desire to paint glassware and ceramics is due to my studies in industrial design. However, I truly enjoyed the techniques discovered from Hundertwasser’s paintings! I am definitely going to continue using those! It’s mostly just watercolor, isn’t it amazing?!

Have some Hundertwasser in your art journal! An art class by Peony and Parakeet

3 Months, 3 Artists

Each of the mini-course has now presented an artist. I must admit that I have been a bit selfish here, picking out artists that truly inspire myself. Luckily I have been blogging for a long time. It hasn’t probably been any surprise that January’s artist was Alphonse Mucha and February’s William Morris.  But my love for Hundertwasser’s paintings might have been a bit hidden. Now when I have found out how he created his paintings, it won’t be a secret anymore!

Imagine Monthly Spring 2016, an art class by Peony and Parakeet

Have Some Hundertwasser in Your Art Journal!

You can still hop on Imagine Monthly and get all the 3 mini-courses right after the purchase. There are three more mini-courses to come and the community is just wonderful to be in! It is so delightful to see everybody’s unique versions of the techniques shown in the class. Purchase here!

10 thoughts on “Step into Hundertwasser’s Ecstasy!

  1. Looks like so much fun! Can’t wait to do this. Watercolours will be fun to use again in this style.

  2. Wauw ! So exiting, but so difficult to paint like him. I admire his work and bought books about his life and work already 10 years ago.
    A very big challenge, Getting into his head seems nearly impossible to me, but you did it!
    My watercolours and brushes are waiting for me.
    Thanks a lot!

  3. Love how the mouth you created transformed into even more – a breath. I’m thrilled with this months artist and feel like it was just for me containing many things that I can practice and improve in my art. I’m so impressed with how you go about designing a class. Each is different, yet inspiring, clear directions and we all do something so different. It is ecstasy to get so involved with a piece. Except I create instead of consume. I can’t wait to begin!!!!!

  4. Dear Paivi, have you visited the Hunderwasser museum (in a building he designed & built) in Vienna? It is truly inspirational!
    xx Amanda

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