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Farewell to Summer with Watercolors

Farewell to Summer, a watercolor painting by Peony and Parakeet. Painting with watercolors.

September has been surprisingly warm in Finland this year. I took a photo a couple of days ago and even if it’s warm and the sun is shining there’s a certain melancholy in the air.

Last days of summer

I don’t usually mimic photos, but this time I made an exception. I used the photo about a half of the process and then finished the painting more freely. As I was recording videos for the upcoming painting workshop, I already had all the cameras and such in place. So I made a short video showing how I created the painting.

Painting with Watercolors – Watch the video!

It was still warm today. Stella was more than happy! Needless to say, she loves the sun.

Stella the beagle enjoys the warmth of the sun in Finland, late September

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Watercolor Journey, an online art class by Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet

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28 thoughts on “Farewell to Summer with Watercolors

  1. Your painting is so alive and so colorful – the way you skip around is amazing to me. If I did that more, I wouldn’t bog myself down in the details of trying to recreate something perfectly. I will want to watch this over and over. Beautiful! And Stella looks so very content in the sun puddle on the front porch. Can’t wait for your class to begin.

  2. absolutely beautiful paivi I am a big fan of your work pencil and watercolor loved inspirational drawing and am looking forward to the new class so glad I met you in 21 secrets

  3. How great!
    Please tell me, are those watercolours gouache? You seem to be able to paint light over dark.

    Thank you, you’re inspiring and generous.

    1. Thanks! No, those are just plain watercolors. The set that I use is White Nights by St Petersburg. You can buy extra pans also separately, I have bought a few. Most of their yellows are wonderful in quality!

  4. Wow! Very nice. I liked the way you kept working it. Every time I thought you were finished, you went back and added more. Just lovely!

  5. I am newish to the watercolor medium. Sometimes I love it, other times it intimidates me and I can’t even start! Watching this beautiful process is so inspiring!
    Thank you for this post 🙂

    1. Thank you, Joanna! I always start with pretty bold strokes and a lot of water which makes layering much easier that when working with a dry brush.

  6. I love receiving your posts in my email and must say is there any medium that you do not excell at lol this is delightful Paivi….

  7. Wonderfully instructive video, Paivi! I always love watching your technique and the ease with which you create beauty! It always inspires me to paint..

  8. I just noticed that about 7 minutes into the painting, you added just a tiny bit deeper color “stems” into the beautiful sunny spot showing in the background. That made the purple come to life and jump right up to my eyes. I also noticed that you are a bit like some impressionist artists that didn’t mix colors before painting, but while painting. When I look at the comparison between the photo and the painting I think I feel autumn really falling. You added more colors and have the sun really low (South facing?) so that your “feeling” of autumn is painted into the photo. I can hardly wait to begin your new class.

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