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Increase Your Creativity

Courage, a collage by Peony and Parakeet. See creativity tips for artists.

People often say to me that they have very little creativity. They describe how difficult it is for them to let go when crafting or making art. I assume that everybody have blocks in their creativity. I struggle with them too. But here’s how I managed to get rid of many obstacles and enjoy creating.

First, speed up! Create faster. You will get into uncomfortable, unbalanced state where the voices in your head say: “Slow down! You need to think first! Don’t do that! NO!” And then it’s easy, you just do the exact opposite: increase your speed, stop thinking what color you choose, implement all the wildest ideas (like mess up the areas which begin to look ok). Replace your NO with YES! You can do anything!

Courage, a detail. Collage by Peony and Parakeet

Stop drawing lines that do not intersect! Put the elements on the top of each other. Get rid of the clear shapes. If you work fast enough you will stop comparing your work with others. You will have your unique thing going on. The truth is that somewhere under the surface is your own style, your own creativity, your own spirit.

Just a while ago I read an article about visual culture now and after 25 years. An expert was interviewed. He said that it will be proven that all the images are equal. It hit me: even if there are great masters in art, great talents, in the end all the images are equal in the general perspective. And even more important: in the personal perspective the most important images are created by ourselves. Only our creative mind can reveal all the wonderful things that are hidden behind the no’s and dont’s.

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6 thoughts on “Increase Your Creativity

  1. Kiitos! – Thank you!
    Tilaan kyniä säännöllisesti omiin tarpeisiin, joten ota yhteyttä kun tarvitset lisää!

  2. Thank you for the wise counsel. All apply to me….have you been peeking into my art room? 🙂 I tend to look at others’ art way too much instead of focusing on what can come from me. It’s a struggle I have not won as yet.

    1. Peggy, thanks for your comment. We all struggle with that. With internet it is so easy! Opening Pinterest is something I try to control especially. I am hooked in a minute!

  3. What a spectacular view and what a great tip. I struggle often when I’m trying to explain to people that they have not “messed up” a page because I have learned on my own that I am too invested in the challenge of “bringing a piece back” to really give up… the idea of going faster, encouraging people to get past the comparisons and just create from their hearts is really awesome! Thank you SO much. I’ll have to say, “You know, Paivi says…” You rock!

    1. Thanks, Ruth! That’s exactly what I meant: destroy the piece first and then try to save it! Many times I have the moment that I call “the black gesso moment”. My intuition says that this needs some black gesso … and then all of a sudden all the pretty doodles are covered under it! Huge splash! My rational side is horrified but that’s just when I begin to have fun by laughing at myself. Actually, if you look carefully at many of my work you can see the signs of that black moment. Afterwards I am always amazed how great contrast the black spash created!

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