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Scrapbooking News

Investment, a scrapbooking page about an old type writer

I attended the Finnish Scrapbooker of the Year competition with this layout. It is about an old typewriter that my parents bought with part payments. My father was a policeman and needed the machine to type the investigation reports. I also wrote about how different the machines are nowadays and how it all relates to me.

I managed to get to the final! There are 6 of us. There is a about 4 weeks to make a mini album for the final judging. The theme is “A day of somenone’s life” and some scrapbooking supplies were sent to us. I took all the photos yesterday. The weather was great and it was Saturday so it wasn’t too stressful. Furthermore it was my beagle’s 1 year anniversary!

Me and my beagle Stella

This photo is taken by my husband. I think Stella looks very content. And yes, I am happy too, there’s a lot of work with a puppy but now it’s getting a bit easier once she’s older. I think she is still as cute as a puppy though!

I heard that Google reader is retiring and that must be a reason that I have got new followers through Bloglovin.
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4 thoughts on “Scrapbooking News

    1. Thank you Renee! I have now printed most of the photos for the mini album and the next task is to decide on the journaling.

  1. Koululuokka oli tutustumassa lehtitaloon ja näkivät siellä myös tuollaisen vanhanaikaisen kirjoituskoneen. Eräs pojista sanoi innostuneena: “Junalauta mikä kone, siinähän on printterikin samassa!”
    Onnea finaaliin.

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