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Knitting and Painting – A Video Visit to My Studio!

"Channel into The World", an art journal page by Peony and Parakeet. Watch the video behind this painting and in the same time, see Paivi's studio!

This time I have something for you who likes to watch long videos. I love to knit (especially Leftie scarves) while watching video podcasts, so maybe you can pick up a project too and come to spend some time in my studio, talking about crafts, art inspiration, and painting supplies. I will create a craft-inspired art journal page and show many other pieces too.

A Day at the Studio – One Video in Two Parts

It is a really long video, so I have divided it into two parts. The first part is an introduction to a small project that I paint on the second part. The second part also shows some painting supplies. I hope you will enjoy both of them!

Here’s the first part:

And here’s the second part:

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23 thoughts on “Knitting and Painting – A Video Visit to My Studio!

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed visiting you in your studio! Great videos. Thank you for sharing.

  2. This was so interesting! I enjoyed seeing the area where you create the beautiful projects. And those scarves were so compelling. The color and lines were just wonderful. Thank you so much for letting us see a piece of your world.

  3. I am fascinated with how mindfully you approach art. It makes me think I can actually do something worthwhile with care and patience. You have also made me think about my obsession with owning every possible supply ever created. I should really narrow my focus.

    I also love your lefties. I only crochet, and I wonder if there is a crochet adaptation of this pattern. I will try to search.

    Lastly, I am thoroughly impressed with your ability to paint both real and abstract pieces with equal skill. Thank you for your excellent videos. I am summoning the courage to take one of your classes.

    1. Thank you, Susan! It was delightful to read that you found the video inspiring. Many years ago, I used to shop a lot of art supplies, so I have been there too. It is exciting to try a new medium, but then, no magic medium can replace the imagination! I want my art and classes be more about ideas and less about stuff. I don’t want to make people buying more and getting overwhelmed and frustrated with that. Hopefully, I will see you in my classes and thanks for following!

  4. It was fun visiting your studio and seeing you in your “creative space”. It’s enjoyable seeing a glimpse into the life of an artist.
    Thanks for sharing a little piece of your life with us.

  5. Thank you for helping me realize my worries about lack of skill and my rush to create are unnecessary barriers to finding joy in art making. Your teaching style is inspirational. Hopefully you will find time in your busy life to share more long videos.

  6. Impressing videos !
    Thank you for all the work you did to show how to use not ordinary things as a possibility to start new art-work and art journal pages.

  7. Really enjoyed seeing your work place. You are very neat and tidy and I admire the way you respect your paint and tools. Your videos are always really fun to watch and also very informative! Thanks for sharing your space!

  8. Loved these videos…lots of good tips and product, process information. You are very inspiring. I have taken a couple of your classes and now I am doing lots of water coloring painting …experimenting and learning how to develop the shading, color flow. Never thought I would be able to do. One of my bucket list items that I finally got brave enough to try; after taking your classes. You did that for me. Thanks

  9. So nice to visit you in your studio. Your #2 leftie says “spring is coming” with the tiny leaves just beginning to yawn, stretch out and grow. Just beautiful. Would love to see how you wrap them around to stay warm. I don’t have much use for warm clothes here in Florida but they look like they were so much relaxing, fun to create. I always feel happy when visiting with you and your art! Thank you for sharing this delightful space!

  10. I really enjoy your videos and hope to be able to enroll in some of your on-line classes in the near future. Thank you!

  11. Thank you Paivi! I so enjoy your videos and everything that you have to share about your own artist’s process. This helps me understand my own feelings about art and creating.
    And I’ve been fascinated with those lefties for a while. Glad you’ve highlighted them again. Best wishes.

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