Homemade Happiness

Fabric Pattern Homemade
This is my new fabric pattern called “Homemade”. The happiness really starts from home and appreciating everything you already have.

130310fA stool that I am proud of

Our house is filled with little items that me or my husband have made. This year they have been especially important for me. Maybe because the winter has been so long and dark, with very few sunny days.

This stool is one of the little suns of our home. It has been made by my skillful husband. Every time I see it, I observe it’s brilliant structure and feel proud for his accomplishment.

Smash book continues

I have continued filling my Smash book with art journaling.


I do not mind the pages with preprinted assignments. They challenge me to get creative. Here I have expressed how I often see the images or colors when using my other senses.


Art journal page, a house with doorGood Distractions

The world is sometimes too full of visual distractions for me! But they can be beneficial too. The yellow that I see when  entering our home really makes me forget most of my worries.

I made a page about it and created a fantasy image of a house. It was so fun to make. What I love about art journaling is that everything can be taken as lightly or seriously as I want.

Recommend: Journal Fodder

I have bought a new art journal. It’s Dylusions journal with super thick pages. And I have also bought a new book: Journal Fodder. It is a great and detailed book about art journaling. The book includes techniques, prompts, ideas and is well structured. I love the combination of creativity and systemacy of it. See more information at the website of the authors: Journal Fodder Junkies Needless to say: will be spending a lot of time with art journaling this spring!

Smash Book or Hand-Made Journal?

Art Journal page, traveling, Smash book

I have now used my pink Smash book as an art journal for so long that I can summarize my experiences of using it as an art journal. During the time I have used my book, I have noticed that other brands too have published similar kind of books with pre-decorated pages. I am certain that many are tempted to buy them but wonder if they really work as art journals.

Good Jumpstart

I started my “pretty art journal” about a year ago. I also have other art journals but I have noticed that I grab this one more than others. I think that one reason is that it offers easy jumpstarts for doodling and writing. Sometimes they can be annoying.  Like the page with a map background, seen above. I never liked that spread until a few days ago when I wanted to journal about the places that I want to visit. The background was perfect for the theme.

Art journal page, a detailArt journaling is very difficult to commercialize from start to finish. It’s creativity and self-expression that matter, not the products used. But there’s a great deal of talk about blank page syndrome and all the art journal guides list tips for how to get started. I think that Smash book like journals can offer the easy starting point for many. I am especially fond of the thing that I can start to decorate a page and leave it unfinished for a while. With decorated paper in the background, it looks fine. I often add one of two details here and there and then finish the pages later.

All in all, I think that Smash book can work as an art journal but I also think that if you really want the book to look more personal, use a blank book or make one yourself.

Hand-Made Journal

Hand-made journal

This one is my favorite art journal. A hand-made journal from start to finish. It’s my own guide for creative living. “Rules and regulations,” it says!

It documents my philosophy for creating and living. Could not use Smash book here!

I end this blog post with these noble statements, feel free to borrow any!

Hand-made journal, art journal page, rules and regulations

The Second Quilt for Stella

In the post from May I wrote about modern quilting and showed a quilt that I had made for my new puppy Stella. Even if I have not written a lot about quilting, I have spent quite a lot of time browsing modern quilt blogs and even sewing a little. Now I have finally something to show, it’s a new quilt for Stella, a modern quilt that also has some ribbons and lace.

I am so pleased with this. First, I love the colors. Second, it was a good choice to use double wadding to make the quilting more visible. Third, I think I was able to incorporate laces and ribbons in a creative way. Fourth, I so enjoyed the process of making this! I did not use a lot of time for planning. I had a vision of expressing vintage childhood and vintage linens and it lead the way.

This is a little detail that I love the most: I hand embroidered Stella’s name to a small antique lace square!

And she loves the quilt, of course!

From Art Journaling To Fabric Design

This time I want to show how I use my art to make designs. Some may think that art journaling and art in general is very far way from design. But that’s not true. You can grab inspiration and ideas from art and it can be very straight forward.

Remember the art journal page I made about women loving historical dramas? It grabbed my attention while I was searching for ideas for a new fabric design. See the yellow-orange ornament on the right corner? I liked the way it was structured.

So I redraw it and tried how it would work as a repeat.

After that I opened Adobe Illustrator and created a digital version of it. I do not usually scan my doodles even if you can do so. I like to understand the structure of the ornament first and then fine-tune it while re-creating it.

Another thing that I like to do is to leave some asymmetry to the motif. I think it looks more interesting that way.

When choosing colors I decided to imitate the contrasts in the art journaling page. I created two colour combinations and three sizes for test prints.

This is how they came out! See my Etsy store for more photos!

When art journaling I am often filled with ideas and details. I have found out that it is not a good thing for me to try to control the creative flow then. To design is to simplify. Later one image can offer jumpstart to many designs. I still see many details on this page that I could use for designs.

An art journal can be your mini world, the best sourcebook for any pattern design!

Fire With Water(colors)

One Friday evening I was so fed up with seeing white and grey all week. In Finland all the public places, offices, most homes (excluding mine!) are white or pale grey.  And now when the colour starts to fade from the nature too, it’s just too much, or should I say little, for me!

I needed this – to play with colors:

I was not interested in the composition or shapes this time, I yearned for color and spent hours mixing water colors. Then I added small details with pens and color pencils.

Fire with Watercolors, detailed view

The end result reminds me of wood that is burning in the fireplace! Using water colors can be a really fun way to set the colors on fire!

New Site, New Folk Bag and Other News

A lot of things have happened recently, along with the new web site and the location of this blog! I am going to expand the web site within the next months and hopefully you’ll already have bookmarked the new location of the blog.

Participating in an Exhibition

From October to the beginning of December my work is displayed at a knitting themed exhibition in Tampere, Finland. At the crafts centre Verkaranta you can see my printed fabric Botanical Garden and a new folk bag there.

Fabric, Botanical Garden
Botanical Garden, turquoise colorway

Here’s the new folk bag.

Folk Bag

I think that crocheting the bottom part with many colors looks pretty!

Folk Bag

Great Time at the Craft Fair

In september I attended a craft fair in Helsinki, Finland. It was organized by a small group of local small businesses. I mostly sell online so it was fun to talk people in person for a change.

Paivi at the Craft Fair in Helsinki
I am holding the fabric Summer here.

But now it’s nothing like summer in Finland, it’s cold and dark and we have already got some snow too!

Stella, my beagle

This was the day Stella saw snow the first time. She loves it!

I am sorry about the few week’s break in blog posts! Now when I am settled here in the new location, I will get back to regular posts. Lot’s of new creative stuff to come!

Photo Album Art Journaling

I have tried to find easy ways to do art journal pages when I only have little time for it. I had a couple of small empty photo albums so I thought why not! People already scrapbook by inserting photos and journal cards to photo pockets so there’s not much difference to that!

These are all 4 by 6 inches pages!I do still art journal in bigger size too. Here’s a new page for my “pretty art journal“. I think it goes fairly well with the page I made earlier.

And here are some greeting cards that I have made recently. The world really is full of color and that inspires me every day!

Be You!

I believe strongly that every person is unique and every one has their own unique style. It is only the matter of time and practice to find it.

This time I did not want to create anything particular, just let go and relax. I love ornaments and dig some from my treasure box. They were made some time ago using watercolors and markers. Then I grabbed black background paper and started doodling. Color pencils add extra interest. Using various supplies makes the collage interesting.

By using a variety of supplies and taking care of the composition is often enough for the eye. The only third thing you need to add is You!

Behind The Butterfly

I have spent most of the spare time taking care of the new puppy. It has been pretty difficult to find time for creative stuff. I have moved most of the art supplies to our dining area table where I can watch the puppy more easily. That way I have been able to make something, now and then, in small steps.

Stella’s point of view can’t be missed. She thinks the summer smells great. I might have got some inspiration from her for the illustration! And the butterfly might actually represent her in the picture, who knows!